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Mom of Class of '24 Student, San Dieguito Academy HS

"We are so thankful to have found Jen to work on [ x ]'s college essays. Jen was efficient, available, and flexible with times that worked for my son's schedule. She was kind and had fabulous suggestions while helping him keep his voice. We will definitely be keeping Jen's number in case we need her help in college."

Gabby Yates,

College Advisor, UC Admissions Reader

"I have witnessed firsthand how high school students benefit from Jen's patient and knowledgeable guidance with their college essays. She has a knack for encouraging creativity and thoughtfulness from her audience that helps them start their essays with confidence and direction and then mentors them through the editing and completion process. Students and families are so fortunate to have her support with the college essay writing process!"

Lindsey Salatka,

Author, Fish Heads &

Duck Skin

"Jen Laffler is a brilliant and inspiring teacher, coach, writer, and leader. I would trust her advice with my words all day long and twice on Tuesdays. Is that how the saying goes? I don't know, so I'll ask Jen!"

Dr. Gina Simmons Schneider, PhD, Author of Frazzlebrain

"Jen Laffler is an extraordinary writer, editor, and writing coach. With wit, warmth, and good humor, she helps shape any writing into a polished, professional piece. I highly recommend her services to anyone wishing to produce high-quality work while having fun, too!"

Margaret Sullivan, Author, Poet, and Editor-In-Chief,

Journal of Undiscovered Poets

"Jen Laffler has an open mind, is never judgemental, understands professional intimacy, and cares deeply about her students.

She has a way of making writers feel safe, and this expands their courage and freedom to express themselves on the page."

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