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New Class! - 10/4/20 - Young Writers: From Inspiration to Publication!

I am so excited to be working with San Diego Writers, Ink. to teach a new class for young writers, inspired by young writers! A few of the kids who participated in the KidsWrite! San Diego Children's Writing Contest wrote to me and asked, "What's next? I'm still writing!" Well, I started researching and quickly realized: there are so many contests and publications out there, actively seeking submissions from children, teens, young people in their 20's as well. But you do have to know where to look, and how to prepare... and this is where I can help!

Together in this 1.5 hour-long class, we will learn how writers create and refine their work — all the way from first-glimmer-of-inspiration to ready-for-publication.  We will read a few examples of successful pieces, and see what we can learn from them.  We will create a welcoming, supportive environment for young writers to share their own work, using the language and respectful culture of a read-and-critique group.  We’ll talk about editing; how to create an effective Author’s Bio, how to keep a submissions list or spreadsheet; and the importance of embracing both success and rejection!

Kids will leave this course with a wealth of writing resources, including diverse, respectable contests and publications (both local and global) that accept submissions from children. I will always be available to support, beta-read, proofread, etc., after the class ends, as well!

I realize this class is not for every kid. Especially during this building-the-plane-as-we-fly-it time of hybrid and virtual learning, it might seem a bit odd to be offering kids and teens "extra work"! But for those kids who have that extra drive, that inner spark, who intrinsically want to write and create and share, maybe beyond what's being asked of them at school? This class was created to provide channels for their creativity, goals for their ambitions, and careful support for their souls as well as for their developing craft.

The Number One thing I hope kids and teens take from this class? Writing and sharing your words with the (gulp!) world can be both a lifelong challenge and source of great joy. Only you can produce your marvelous work... but a whole world of resources exists to support and welcome it -- and you!

For more details about the class and to register:

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