A Fanciful Animal


An animal-alphabet book!

Isn't that kind of clich√©?

Not an animal-alphabet book

done the J is for JITTERBUG way!


Tony Perrin's fanciful drawings

spread joy with every page, 

packed full of clever details

that enchant at every age;


while Jen Laffler's snappy poems

keep the colorful show on the road,

serving up laughs and imagination by

the wacky whale-watching boat-load!


JITTERBUG REVIEWS (a few favorites!)

My 9-year old and 4-year old both love this book. The alliteration and crazy animals are super fun! They seem to find something different in the illustrations every time we read it. I read it in my Pre-K daughter's class and it was met with lots of giggles.

Amazon Reviewer

I don't usually write reviews, but this book deserved it... From the clever rhymes to the engaging drawings, this entire book will spark the imagination of those who turn its pages. My children loved it and go back to it frequently to see what else they will discover- a new word, a kooky character; this book is a delight for all who read it!!! 

Amazon Reviewer

This book is so fanciful and imaginative and you and your kids will spend so much time exploring its pages. It's extremely well written and the illustrations are so imaginative. Highly recommend!

Amazon Reviewer

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